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    Retrieving content of a place using app action

    spoorthy Novice

      Hi Jesse Fuller, Pawan Shah


      I have created a App called My contents which should show all the contents of that pace, How should I retrieve the content of that respective place.





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          pawans Advanced

          First you need to get info about current place. assuming its a group, here's the code to get it


                osapi.jive.core.container.getLaunchContext(function (selection) {

                       var JIVE_GROUP_IDENTIFIER = 700;

                       var JIVE_SPACE_IDENTIFIER = 14;

                      var containerId = selection.jive.content.id;

                      var containerType = selection.jive.content.type == "osapi.jive.core.Group" ? JIVE_GROUP_IDENTIFIER : JIVE_SPACE_IDENTIFIER;


                 osapi.jive.corev3.places.get({entityDescriptor: [containerType, containerId]})

                          .execute(function (osapiResponse) {






          The contents url with the "includeBlog" param will help you get all content of the place.