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    How have you customized Jive Hosted?


      Hi, I am interested in hearing from those of you who have customized Jive Hosted. I am still trying to learn what can be customized and what can't be. For example, has anyone edited all the site copy with a script or using another method? How far can the visual design be customized? Any resources or stories of what you've done would help. Thank you!

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Shara, I'm going to give you the 30,000 foot answer... You can customize the heck out of Jive to make it exactly what you want it to be. Given enough time, money and developer resources you can customize Jive so it actually looks completely unlike the product you see here in this community. In doing the extreme customizations, however, it makes it very difficult and resource intensive to upgrade in the future and get all of the new product goodness that comes out with each release.


          That said, customizing is a sliding scale. You can create your own overview widgets and create custom HTML tiles that give you some of the customization you might be looking for without really creating too many future headaches. For look and feel topics, a good place to start for DIYers is the Theme and UI/X Discussion group. There's quite a few folks in there who are helping each other out in creating the sites they want without going too far overboard on customizations.


          For serious customizations, I would recommend having a conversation with someone from Jive Professional Services (your account manager can get you plugged into them). We have a team of people who can share about the different levels of customization and would be happy to consult. Alternatively, you could talk to one of our awesome partners, the list of which can be found here Partner Community.


          For examples of some of our customer sites, you can check out this thread here:

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