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    Pages API and HTML Tiles


      Hi all,


      I am trying to create an HTML tile with content to a page using the Jive Pages API. From what I read in the documentation, it's not available through the API, but I am able to create an HTML Tile, just not with the content I want. I can't or don't know how to add content to the HTML Tile that I'm creating for a page. It could be a documentation problem, but I suspect its an API problem. The Pages API seems to be the most underdeveloped Jive API.


      If there is some method, even if it's a hack, to create an HTML Tile with content, that would surely be easier than creating a custom tile or waiting for Jive to add that feature to their API.


      cc: Ryan Rutan, Rashed Talukder, Yuval Z


      Any ideas?