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    Retrieve List of All Projects via V3 API


      Hi All,

      I am trying to retrieve list of all projects using V3 API. But currently I am not finding any way other than mentioned below way:



      Iterator<Project> projectIdList = new CastingIterator<Project>(browseManager.getContainers(ImmutableSet.<BrowseFilter> of(new ObjectTypeFilter(JiveConstants.PROJECT), new ContainerStatusFilter(JiveContainer.Status.ACTIVE)), new SubjectSort(), 0, Integer.MAX_VALUE));


      But with above query, I run in two problems:

      1. Unable to get all projects due to some user proxy authentication issue. This DS is wrapped within proxy enabled structure.

      2. Since it uses browseManager and related table, there is a chance that data will not be synced with jiveproject table.


      I have also looked into caches: projectCache, projectCountCache, projectStatusCache, projectStatusIdCache


      Is there any way to get list of all active projects or their ids ?


      For now, the only way seems is get project list from core DB and cache it via custom key !