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    Network Traffic Issue


      Hi Team,


      Srilanka currently facing a network traffic issue due to more users accessing the jive application : https://thebridge.zone1.scb.net/welcome.


      Network Team have raised questions to fix this issue. Could you please help us to answer the below mentioned query :


      • http content is sharable or cacheable ?


      • Is this site using www-authentication ? NTLM ? distributed-cache?


      cc veerarm Rajesh TS  rkalidas




        • Re: Network Traffic Issue

          Hi Nikky,


          I'm sorry to hear about the increased network traffic to your environment.  For both questions, this would depend on how you're configured and is specific to your environment.  Unfortunately, I do not have details on your environment nor is your environment accessible for me to check.  In general, resources fetched via HTTP against a Jive deployment can be split into two high level groups:


          • Content (blogs, discussions, documents, bookmarks, videos, ideas, events, photo albums, tasks, status updates, polls, announcements, direct messages, etc..) and any associated content (comments, attachments, embedded images, embedded videos, ratings, likes, etc..) are ALL served up with a no-store header by default for internal Jive environments.

          • Profile pictures, avatars, CSS, header images, JavaScript, etc.. anything that's not content and is associated with the look and feel of the site should be getting a "cache me forever!" header. We do our best to use unique URL's that are versioned so that if / when a customer upgrades that they don't have to worry about flushing their CDN or browser caches and we do our best to set valid headers for these assets so that things like proxy servers and CDN appliances / services can do what they do best (caching static assets and serving them up from the edge of the network). If you're looking for a specific recommendation on what can be cached, these paths should be a great starting point and if cached appropriately at the edge, will result in improved performance for end users:


            where $version is the version number of the Jive deployment.


          I'm not sure which version of Jive you're on, but please find documentation on high availability caching for our latest version (8) here:




          If you're seeing specific issues, please clarify what the issues are and provide a screenshot or transcription of the error message.  If you require more specific or direct troubleshooting, I'd encourages submitting a support case for in-depth troubleshooting, as discussion questions are intended for basic questions only.



          Jeph Yang