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    Does search funnel results based off of follow/like?



      From this conversation,Search Tips for JiveWorks  I have a  question that Libby Taylor doesn't even have an answer for. I know, it's amazing. She knows everything.


      So the question is, does search prioritize the listing of results based off of any following or like/bookmark information?  For instance, if I am following a space and doing a spotlight search (from somewhere else...not "this space only"), will the results be ordered in any particular order of "followed place", "liked", etc.


      The thinking would be that by following a place or document would ensure its preferential place in search. After all, i'm following a lot of stuff which is important to me so search could show that stuff first and then all the other stuff that matches the criteria.

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          Hi Doug,


          Thanks for raising this question with us around follow and like search relevance.  If you're using a newer version of Jive (e.g. Jive 8) and Cloud Search, you'll be able to take advantage of Jive Find as outlined here:


          What is Jive Find?

          Jive Find provides improved search relevance by incorporating social information into search.  Search rankings are tailored for individuals based on dynamic signals derived from activity within Jive. As users use Jive, data is generated about activity such as views, creates, responses, and likes. These activities are processed in the Jive Recommender service and summarized into a form that can be used by Jive Search to enhance the relevance of search results. When a user searches for content or places, items that are considered "close" to the user (based on the activities performed by the user or other individuals connected to the user) are given a boost in the search rankings. This personalizes search results for each user.

          The details of how user activity translates into levels of boost will change over time as the system is optimized.


          About Cloud Search


          So the recommendations, based on user activities, will affect search results and relevance.  However, I don't see that bookmarks are calculated into this.


          Let me know if you have any other questions on this.



          Jeph Yang