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    New Bug Submission


      Our company uses Producteev on a daily basis.


      When emailing to task@producteev.com, the body of the email becomes the first comment in the task.


      Multiple times, the comment section (the body of the email) disappears intermittently and appears as a blank space as pictured below:

      Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.25.53 AM.png

      To counteract this bug we have cc-ed every task email to a normal email address, so the content is not lost completely. We have also created an "email" label, as pictured above, so we can track tasks sent from email.


      When I viewed the task this morning by project, it appeared like this.


      Then when I clicked on the "email" label,  the comment section and content appeared again.


      Once again, in a few minutes, the body/comments section completely disappeared.


      It has happened with several emailed tasks, with multiple internet connections, and on different computers within the office.


      This is a major inconvenience to our teams workflow and productivity.


      I hope this will be corrected soon.