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    okta 2.0 template app config


      Do we have the specifc URL we need to use for the okta. 2.0 template app configuration?  


      We would like to try our own rather then using the default app. 


      THe default app only pushes over email address, firstname, and last name. 

      we want to push over mobilephone as well,but it was not working.

      Can we start a webex session to go over the settings?

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          Hi Wayne,


          I understand that you're already working with our support team via saml debug turned on  around the Okta configuration.  I would recommend working with the support team to continue the investigation there.  However, keep in mind that discussion questions are intended for basic how-to type questions.  If you require more direct troubleshooting, please submit a support case in you Jive Community customer group for assistance.



          Jeph Yang