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    Looking for JiveWorld16 speakers... sign up today!

    Libby Taylor

      Heeeey everyone!


      We are looking for speakers across the board for JiveWorld16... The specified item was not found. (you have to join the The specified item was not found. group to get into that project).


      WE WANT YOU!


      You don't have to have a fully baked idea, you don't need to have the perfect summary... you don't have to be a super experienced user, you don't have to be the leader among leaders, we will find the right way for you to contribute based upon your interest, experience and skills.


      if you are at all interested in speaking and want us to help you figure out how, then please please please submit your request to speak today! We can hook you up with Iain Goodridge who is in charge of corralling speakers or you can always reach out to me or Belinda Joseph if you have questions.