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    Moderate all (similar) messages?


      We're receiving wave after wave of spammers on community.igniterealtime.org. Manually moderating each of these message is cumbersome, even with the 'approve all' and 'reject all' options. What is even more cumbersome is banning a related user. So far, I'm alt-tabbing between the community and a admin panel browser tab, copy/pasting usernames in the 'ban user' page.


      Could a couple of these features be considered for inclusion:

      1. When banning a user, automatically reject all pending moderation tasks related to the same user
      2. In addition to the "reject" and "approve" moderation options, add "reject all by this user" / "approve all by this user" options.
      3. In addition to the moderation options, add a "reject all and ban this user" option.

      These features would make moderation a lot less unpleasant.