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    Why the updated date is not modified on the content entity when a comment or a reply is added?


      We currently upgrade a custom application that uses the Jive REST API (from v7.0.2.1 - API v3.4 to v8.0.1.0 - API v3.11).


      In Jive 7, when a comment was added to a document or a reply added to a discussion, the updated date on the document/discussion was also updated.


      With this behavior, we were able to detect that something was added/modified on this document/discussion. In Jive 8, this date is not anymore updated... is it normal? Why this behavior has changed?

      Btw, the lastActivity returned by the REST API v3.11 doesn't return the expected value...


      Our application is not anymore able to do incremental refresh. Is there another way to detect modifications?


      Thanks for your help!