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    Anyone have issues with the removal of the gradient overlay for place headers?


      I didn't even realize it had been removed until we started talking about changing the default options available. In doing that, our designer got creative and gave us some really snazzy images. They all have white backgrounds, with multicolored objects scattered about. The effect is that we have both very light and very dark items as a backdrop for the place name.


      ALL the other elements of the place still have a gradient behind them, only the name does not. This is making it a challenge for us to make these headers work, because neither black nor white text shows up everywhere. Which made me realize this isn't just an issue for me with this design. This will affect all other places that currently have headers like this in place. And it will affect future ones, making it less user-friendly to add custom headers. And I can just see the Q&A now - "Hi, I gave my group a name, but it has disappeared. I've edited and resaved, and it is still missing from the page."


      Anyway, wondering if others have experienced this, and how you have addressed it. Here are some screenshots to illustrate what I mean.




      And though black and white text are the extremes, I've tried several other colors as well, and nothing shows up well.