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    Jive for Office using IE 11


      We have noticed that when using our Jive Cloud instance on IE 11, viewing uploading files as well as using with Jive for Office produces some weird outcomes. First off, not sure if this is known when using IE, or if it is just specific to IE 11, but when I go to view any uploaded file (i.e. word doc, excel spreadsheet, or ppt.), I only have the option to download. There is no option to view or download, which is what I experience when using Google Chrome.


      (see red circled section):

      Dustin Use Case.png


      When I do choose to download, I then open into excel, and then request to enable editing. Then, it tells me that the spreadsheet is a "read-only", and that I have to "save as" in order to actual edit and utilize the Jive for Office function.


      All of the functionality works perfectly fine with Jive for Office on Chrome, just not in IE 11. I have tested with other users too who have IE 11 and they have the same issue.


      Anyone know why this is? Is Jive for Office as well as uploaded files in general not yet compatible with IE 11??