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    Error 8.0.1 on premise: no custom user on jive-httpd logrotate


      Hello Support.


      On Jive 8.0.1 setups there is an error in the logrotate configuration when installing / running with a different user/group:

      $JIVE_HOME/etc/conf/logrotate.conf says on the configuration blocks for

      jive-httpd-*access.log and jive-httpd-*error.log:


      create 0644 jive jive



      Instead of the custom user & group that is given on the RPM installation via


      Parameters the logs are created with ownership jive.jive.


      Logfile path however is set correctly to the one set via


      on installation.


      This results in the error on jive start (httpd), and the service not starting up:

      Starting httpd.....no process found. See logs: /home/qqesn00/var/logs/jive-httpd.out


      jive-httpd.out only says:

      [2015-09-04 14:48:49] jive_cli no process found after startup


      Changing permissions or deleting the jive-httpd-error.log & jive-httpd-access.log enables the httpd service to start correctly.





      create entries to the custom user / group desired.


      Please fix this at least on 8.0.2.


      Thx & BR,