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    Theme Installation Error While Jive Installation


      Hi Team,


      While installing theme we are getting the below error.Could you please advice us for the fixes.


      Screenshot from Admin console Theme tab:

      theme error.png





      cc veerarm





        • Re: Theme Installation Error While Jive Installation

          Hi Nikky,


          I'm sorry to see that you're running into this error in the Jive Admin Console.  You'll want to check the sbs.log output (recommend tailing the logs as you load that specific page) to verify the stacktrace suggests may be causing the issue.  Sometimes, this will point to where it's failing, but other times this will require some investigation.  If you require assistance troubleshooting this further, I would recommend submitting a support case in your Jive Community customer group.  If you're not familiar with this process, please check with your community manager.


          Please be aware that while we may be able to assist with identifying the cause of the error, we are unable to troubleshoot themes, as this is outside the scope of our support.



          Jeph Yang