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    Is anyone there?


      Hello jive community and jive employees.


      I'm not sure how this Producteev Customer Support works. I have posted five questions/suggestions but had no response.


      I was thoroughly screened when made a request to join the Jive community, so I assumed that this is an active forum where fellow users and Jive staff discuss issues about Producteev and contribute to the development of the product.


      However, soon I noticed that everyone is left on their own devices as there is no real support or input by a jive software employee.


      So, what happens when a user has an issue and seeks for some expert advice and support? Is upgrade to Pro the only option to get some proper support?

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          I'm getting the same silence from Jive...


          I use Producteev after being introduced to the app through our company JIve community... and I'm concerned that Jive are about to drop the app..


          Can anyone at Jive give me a PRODUCTEEV ROAD MAP... this would help me make the decision to upgrade to Pro.


          It would ne nice if you answered.