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    Producing the Perfect Customer Experience Story

      The way companies interact with their customers and prospects has changed a lot in recent years. Your marketing, sales, customer success and professional services departments all own various “touch points” that intentionally or unintentionally contribute to a customer’s experience. But do these interactions result in an overall experience you are proud of? One that generates loyalty to your brand or your organization? Do they help to create the kind of customer who avidly recommends your products or services to others?

      In contrast, when a great CX is edited together, the individual moments build a memorable journey for the customer. And not all scenes need to be a car chase. Good, meaningful interactions that advance the story can still create a great movie overall. But if each scene in your customer experience isn’t crafted with the end result in mind, you’ll likely end up with something that’s more "Ishtar" than "Citizen Kane."

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