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    How to structure 2-dimensional communities of practice?


      Hi all -


      I'm working with an organization that might be interested in a Jive solution to enable what are really communities of practice, structured by region and product line. Essentially, each region will have a place for each product, but they would like to be able to rollup or escalate product issues or insights across regions. Similarly, they would like the ability to view a particular region and view across products. So it would be a two-dimensional hierarchy, as represented roughly below.


      Product 1Product 2Product 3
      Region 1
      Region 2
      Region 3


      I'm thinking I can create spaces along one dimension (presumably region) and then somehow tag the products, or associate them with a category. On the other hand, I suspect a common requirement in a Jive community, so wondered if anyone had suggestions on how to approach. I'm looking to prototype a solution for them to stimulate discussion, then if it continues do the deeper user journey analysis.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


      - Tad