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    Reg: Uploading images to Jive via REST


      Hi Team,

      Kindly please let me know if there are any working examples of uploading images via REST API



      we are getting 415. Can you please tell me are missing some thing here ?


      This is tried in java


             PostMethod methodImgUpl = new PostMethod(destinationBaseURL+Constants.imgServiceUrl);
             File fileToUpload = new File("img0.jpg");
             Part[] parts = {
                new StringPart("type", "image/jpg"),
                new StringPart("filename", "img0.jpg"),
                new StringPart("imageFile", "img0.jpg"),
                new FilePart(fileToUpload.getName(), fileToUpload)
                new MultipartRequestEntity(parts, methodImgUpl.getParams())
             //createrObj.put("attachments",attchArry );
             int statusCodeImgUpl =   client.executeMethod(methodImgUpl);
           System.out.println("statu code "+statusCodeImgUpl);