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    Nice example of Jive & Google together

    Dennis Pearce

      I saw this on our internal Jive instance and thought I would share it as a nice example of a simple integration of a Jive space and Google spreadsheet.  No special integration required -- it's just a spreadsheet embedded in an html widget.


      Every year we hold an employee fundraiser for the local United Way.  This year there is a silent auction associated with a "Fall Fun Festival," so the volunteer team is tracking the bids with a Google spreadsheet and embedded it into a Jive space.  The "Submit your bids here" link to the right of the bid list opens the Google form view of the spreadsheet, and the spreadsheet is designed to display the highest bid for every item.  It allows employees who come to the space for information to see the bids in real time without having to jump over to the GDrive environment.  Extremely simple, but pretty effective.



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          Amanda Burke

          Hi Dennis Pearce,


          I'm actually looking to do just that now and I'm running into some issues with how it displays. Do you know which embed code they used from the Google Doc? We have a companywide pedometer challenge coming up in a few days and we'd like to be able to display who the top steppers are!


          When I try to embed the "Big Board" option, it comes up with this and doesn't fill up the entire tile:


          Any feedback will be helpful



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              Dennis Pearce

              Hi Amanda Burke,


              The simplest approach we have found for our users (since they can't use iframes) is to not use embed code but just paste the doc or sheet url into something like this:


              <center><object height="720" data="url of the doc, site, or page to be embedded" width="1080"></object></center>


              You can play around with the height and width settings to get the size you want for your page.  There's also a height setting in the html tile itself, just to confuse things.


              99% of our use cases are embedding Gdrive items from within our internal company Google account, so I can't guarantee that it will work for other sources.  And I know that the source needs to be https, because most browsers now will refuse to display unsecure content embedded within a secure page.  But we have tested this with html tiles, html widgets, and Jive documents, and it works with all three.

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                  Dear Dennis_Pearce


                  My company is currently running some google sites. I am just wondering if there is an option where you can embed Jive discussions thread into Google sites. This will bring the power of Jive into Google sites.


                  Thank you for any further help or support you may bring me regarding this topic.


                  Have you heard about any integration between Google sites and Jive?

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                      Dennis Pearce

                      Hi Marie,


                      Sorry I can't help with that question.  I have very little experience with Google sites, so I really don't know anything about embedding Jive content or other web pages in them.  I've only worked with embedding other content in Jive, since most of our users tend to prefer Jive groups and spaces to Google sites.  So their questions about embedding tend to go only in one direction.