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    Why is Modify Message so Much Higher than Create Message?


      In our Jive analytics, we're seeing three times as many "Modify Message" stats as there are "Create Message" stats. If anything I'd think these ought to be the other way around.


      I know that adding or editing tags also fires the modify trigger, but it just doesn't tally that, on average, our members are going back in and editing every single posts three times. When you look at the grammar and spelling and lack of sense a lot of messages exhibit, they're clearly not too worried about editing everything to perfection, so this certainly isn't happening.


      Can you shed some light on why this trigger is apparently firing so much? Thanks!

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          Caton Guilbault

          Hi Spanner,


          Can you post the query you are using to pull this data? It will also be helpful to know which version of jive you are running. I took a quick look at our primary instance and our 40’s (modifies) on 2’s (messages) are only about 11% of the 20’s (creates) on 2’s.


          I would also recommend investigating the metadata & user_id fields in jivedw_activity_fact for the modifications to see if it’s a normal user or not. Might also want to look at the timestamps if things are happening within milliseconds it’s probably not a meat person making the action.