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    What do you use for analytics?


      Our Jive instance is an on-prem internal community and we are in the process of exploring different analytics packages available for Jive reporting.  We would like to find out which applications are being used for Jive analytics.


      • Which analytics application are you using for Jive reporting? 
      • What are some of the challenges you encounter while generating reports?
      • Is the application fairly intuitive or does it require technical assistance to setup queries?


      Any guidance or information you can share will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks for sharing!


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        • Re: What do you use for analytics?

          One possibility is to export a report and import it into another application eg: QlikView.


          This kind of solution is probably more suitable for low volume ad-hoc analysis eg: for a project related to a specific group.


          A very basic example is shown below. It uses the "views" count from a standard group activity report and allows analysis of busy days, weeks and months: