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    ExecuteBatch API for discussions


      Hi All,


      I need help, I have requirement to post 400+ discussions along with multiple reply's (messages), I am trying to achieve this with executeBatch API. Below is the sample code which I am running, when I run the below Json content it creates discussion but not the message. It throws 400 error message. Can you please help me here?





      [ {

              "key": "discussion",

              "request": {

                  "method": "POST",

                  "endpoint": "/api/core/v3/contents",

                  "body":{  "visibility":"place",



                                  "subject":"Test discussion 5",

                                   "content":{"type":"text/html","text":"<body><p>Batch Test</p></body>"}





              "key": "messages",

              "request": {

                      "method": "POST",

                      "endpoint": "/api/core/v3/messages",




                          "content":{"type":"text/html","text":"<body><p>Test Message 1</p></body>"}



      } ]