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    Inserting Raw HTML?


      What is the purpose for Insert Raw HTML option in Jive 8?


      Editing HTML with this option seems to have the same filtering and restriction as the HTML editor so only the DIV gets rendered when I publish the content. It isn't a code snippet feature which is already provided by the Syntax Highlighting option. When will I use a raw HTML insert?



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          Hi Mel,


          The "Insert Raw HTML" functionality is not for syntax highlighting.  Rather, it's for rendering actual HTML (allowable HTML, anyway).  So for example, I'm going to insert the below as raw HTML:


          <h1>My H1 Heading</h1>
          <p>My paragraph with a hyperlink to <a href="https://community.jivesoftware.com" target="_blank">Jive Community</a>.</p>


          And this is then rendered below:


          My H1 Heading

          My paragraph with a hyperlink to Jive Community.


          In the rich text editor, the HTML will look like syntax highlighting, but upon publish the allowable HTML and tags will render.


          Let me know if you had any other questions on this.




          Jeph Yang