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      Is Producteev no longer part of Jive?


      My team relies on the system for task management and was introduced to the system through our company Jive Community.


      Should I be finding an alternative system or does anyone at Jive know if there is a road map for Producteev?

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          Hi Dave,

          The integration between Jive-n and Producteev is not longer supported. However the Producteev as a stand-alone platform is still operating and functional. There has not been any new features released for Producteev but the Hosting servers are still monitored to allow users to continue to create tasks and projects.


          Hope this helps.

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              Thanks John for the reply.


              Can give me dates when the app will be switched off, should I start looking for alternatives for my company?


              Will there be a new task management app as part of Jive?


              Are there any other Jive apps that we rely on now that are planed for EOL?


              Just a litttle peeved with as I was introduced to Prodcuteev through our company Jive community.


              Sorry to bombard you with questions, you are the only person who has replied to me. I have tried Facebook, Twitter and email in the last two weeks, all with no replies - that doesn't inspire me with confidendce in using Jive going forward.