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    report on all spaces and space admins


      I've asked this before, and seen a few folks ask the same.  I need to get a list of all spaces and the space admins for that space.  I want to send email to all admins of both spaces and groups.  I can get the list of group owners via a sql query.  But can't seem to figure out how to get a list of all the space admins.

      Any ideas?


      I would also like to get a report on the date of the latest activity (content create/update, not necessarily view)  in all spaces and groups.


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          Hi Tracy,


          Unfortunately, there's not out of box reporting for space admins and writing custom database queries is outside the scope of Jive Customer Support.  However, you might utilize the Jive 7 schema (presuming you're using Jive 7.0.2 on-premise) to write a query against the jiveEntitlement table:




          Spaces are object type 14.  If you require additional assistance writing a query, I would recommend posting the question to the Jive Developers.


          As for your second question around reporting on latest activity, you might look into using the CMR "Content Leaderboard" report to see latest activities for a certain timeframe, or use the /content page to filter by latest activity.



          Jeph Yang