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    How come Create Photo Album is not in the banner actions menu?


      I am in Jive and have noticed in both groups and spaces, even if photo albums are turned on for the place's settings, Create Photo Album is not found in the drop-down from the banner's Actions button. It can, however be found in the Actions menu in the Content page. Every other type of content can be found in both lists though.


      This is confusing for users who are used to going to the Actions menu from the banner.

      Why does this happen?

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          Hi Jessica,


          Do the affected users have Photo Albums create permission in the space permissions?  To check, navigate in the Jive Admin Console to Permissions > Space Permissions and search for the intended space.  If this is in a social group, you'll need to look at the root space permissions.  If you're using default permissions, you'll want the one that says "Create" at minimum.  If you're using custom permissions, it should look something like this:




          If the "Create" option is already enabled, check that this isn't somehow being themed out.  If you have a DEV or UAT environment, you might test it there by turning off the theme to see if the creation option is still missing.



          Jeph Yang

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              Hi Jeph,


              Thank you and sorry for my delayed response! This issue did seem to be related to the permissions, however the reason it was odd was because I (as a system admin with full access to manage the platform) had to add my own permissions/user override in order to have the feature to create photo albums. Though all other types of content were accessible to be created by me without specific space permissions.


              Also we just recently noticed that in the profile content page, Photo Albums are not on the list of content that is available to create, however it is available from the Create drop-down menu in our universal navigation at the top of the screen.


              This was reported by a regular user, but confirmed by myself (a system admin). The screenshot below is from my own profile.


              It appears that photo albums are not functioning like the rest of the content types in Jive.