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    Jive notifications(inbox) messages not getting sent via emails.




      We have a situation where I am not getting jive inbox/notification messages in the user outlook email .


      I checked the email server settings and the test email was sent successfully.

      I created a new task and the notification got created in my jive inbox but didn't sent me any email.


      I tried few system properties as well:

      watches.emailNotifyEnabled  =  true


      even did a system re-start but this also didn't work.

      Am I missing anything here?


      In my user preference I had checked:


      Email Preferences:Decide what activity you'd like to get email notifications about.


      Everything in my Inbox page

      InboxSocial activity directed at you, such as @mentions, shares, and messages
      InboxNotifications about things like tasks, connections, and skill endorsements





      cc Lea Reznik Nils Heuer