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    Is there a way to edit someone's username?


      One of our user's has his email address as his username and he would like to change it, but when I try to edit his username in the admin console, it warns me that if I make this change, it will delete jive user representation associated with the old username.

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          yep...same question. we are about to migrate some users in, and wil be using the first part of their email (up to the @) as their user name. Many will likely want to change it. I don't see where in my Profile I can (and I'm an admin). FWIW, we have SSO thru our LDAP system.

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              Hi Joan and Gordon,


              If you are not integrating with an external identity provider, you should be able to modify this setting through your admin console >> people >> management tab, by selecting the user, updating their username, and saving the changes as an admin user.


              However, Joan, I see where you have opened up a case in your customer group, as you are using an external IDP. Typically, when using an IDP you will need to update the user's information via that system which will then sync back into your Jive instance. However, as each IDP integration can be unique, Gordon, if you are not seeing this occur, I would suggest submitting a case in your customer group so that the next available support engineer can assist with further investigations specific to your instance.