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    Submit button inactive on login form - Core Bug


      When trying to log in, the submit button isn't active and you have to re-type in your password to get the login button to work.


      If you have your password saved, when you open the login window, your username/password auto fills in for you, but the login button is greyed out/not available. You can't make it available no matter what you do unless you actually edit your password field (adding a space/deleting it or deleting retyping the last letter of your password will do it) but I don't think it's a matter of focus.


      However, given that all browsers give you the option to remember your password, I can see this being a major source of issues/complaints for our members - especially since this a major source of issues/complains/frustration for us.


      Its been logged as JIVE-52355 Re: Log in Button not Active on auto-complete  but it looks like nothing has been done since December, so wanted to bring it up....