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    Beginner to Jive!


      Hi, I am a co-op working on Jive 7 plugins. I am entirely new to jive and have no guidance.


      First, I want to develop a simple plugin which says "HELLO WORLD!" when i click on it. Just to get my concepts clear on Jive Plugins Development.

      Just some questions I wanted to ask:


      1) What are the resources I will need to develop a plugin. Which software's?

      2) Suppose i wrote a java program which outputs "Hello World", what else would I need to make a plugin working and make it compatible to be a jive plugin?

      3) It will be really cool if I can get sample code for a very simple jive plugin (Hello world plugin may be)??


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hey Karanbir!


          Welcome to Jive developers community

          Can you share a it more info on what are you trying to develop?


          Why do you wanna start with developing a plugin, as oppose to an Add-on?

          Once we understand more on what you are trying to do, we can help you with the tools/code examples.

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            This is a good plugin to look at.. it contains a whole bunch of 'hello worlds' for the different types of thing you can do in a plugin.


            jivesoftware/jive-fu-plugin · GitHub

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                If you are dead set on plugins, then I would recommend that you follow the blog in the Jive Plugin Developer community.  If you follow the developer experience flow, starting at


                all the way to our community home page,


                you'll notice that we are very add-on focused ... hence the downplay / lack of active plugin discussion in this group.


                Ideally, would love to hear about your use-cases and determine if there is an add-on means to achieve them as that paradigm will offer a better platform for building/innovating. 


                Good luck, and hope you enjoy the jive-fu plugin ... it took a while to cobble together all the examples. =)

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                    A few things that we use plugins for, where I don't think there's a direct equivalent in an app;


                    - Anti-spam plugin which adds interceptors into the content creation.. we need to catch the content before it sends out any notifications & send it straight into moderation

                    - RTE plugin to add extra items into the Insert menu in the RTE, e.g. GitHub Gist, Product Link (for our store sites), Tabbed Table, Image Gallery, Filtered Tables, etc. Those often add render macros into the RTE. We also added an Equation Editor into the RTE using this plugin.

                    - Custom Content types.. like RoadTests, which have associated Applications and Reviews.

                    - Static Content Plugin - This has a number of features.. it originally just presented a simple HTML file from disk with the site header + footer. It evolved into being able to proxy content through from other systems and powers this area of our site; Design Center | Search | element14

                    - A plugin that surfaces content / data in JSON format as a webserice for other features to consume

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                      Hi All,

                      I did customization using plugins 3 years ago on Jive 5 platform and not worked on neither in 6 nor in 7 versions. I saw there are lots of features have been added with Jive 7 and Jive 8. As per Yuval-

                      Why do you wanna start with developing a plugin, as oppose to an Add-on?

                      As per this question, i have one basic concern. Does it mean that sample plugin(for what Karanbir had asked about)  can be achieved by Add-On? i want to clarify with you about the difference b/w plugin & Add-On. I would like to know if this Add-on functionality is a replacement of Plugin and plugins is a legacy feature? If this is a case, can i do customizations like adding link in navigation bar, adding action link, adding new feature in Admin Console, Adding custom widgets etc via Add-On?


                      As per documents in the jive community, i understood that Add-on is for extending jive with third-party integrations. So i am a bit confused here. Can somebody clarify on this?




                      Thank you!!

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                    Karanbir Singh Mann did you find something ? i been searching information all over the dev blogs, but the amount of information is amazing and now i´m confused.

                    node can perform the same tasks than java ?
                    all this information is useful to develop in my jive instance ( ?
                    does node runs in my instance ?
                    how to install the node module in my jive instance ?
                    Now I have a cloud of information in my head and nothing make sense, i´m a very newbie java jive developer and i have no idea where´s the beginning of this tool called jive !