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    Why JiveWorld?

      JiveWorld Alumni - I want to hear from YOU! I'm looking for your reasons why JiveWorld is a can't-miss experience for new Jive customers (and seasoned ones too). What do you love most about it? What have you gained from attending in the past? What would you tell a friend to convince them to attend for the first time? Is it really just the food, and the sessions are a bonus? Looking forward to hearing your responses!

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          Stephanie Standring

          I like to hear the use cases that other companies are using for their communities. It helps give ideas to the users in our community when we are onboarding them. I also enjoy hearing the different ways others use to solve similar issues/problems. Things are not black and white in communities, and not one shoe (solution) fits all.

          It is a great way to get excited about your community and take that enthusiasm back to your company.

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            Dennis Pearce

            As a long-time IT person who has attended many other software vendor user conferences, what I was most impressed with when I attended my first JiveWorld (and continue to be impressed) is how much stage time is given to customers vs. Jive employees (well over half the presentations, I think).  Most vendors understandably want to showcase their product features but Jive wants to showcase how customers use their product, which gives the conference a whole different positive vibe that I have not experienced at other conferences.

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              What I remember most about my first JiveWorld is how energizing an experience it was. I found myself almost giddy with excitement, and invigorated by the connections I had made and the user stories people shared. I felt empowered and prepared to return to my office and conquer every challenge that lay before me. Sometimes when things get tough, I'll take a minute to recall some JW past experience, just to get myself over "the hump".  Jive should figure out how to put that feeling into a snack.....package it as "The JiveBar" (organic, non-GMO, no high fructose corn syrup of course!).

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                Thank you guys for the thoughtful responses!

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                  Libby Taylor

                  Love this! I am excited to attend JiveWorld this year to actually meet more of our customers! I was so busy last  year that I met like three people maybe. Sad face. Meeting more people one on one is my top priority!