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    Where are spaces defined in the Jive system database?


      Jive Documents are stored in a number of places such as groups, projects, spaces, blogs... 

      However while I can see where groups are defined in the Jive system database (in table jivesgroups), I cannot see where spaces are defined. 


      My challenge is to produce a list of URLs of Documents, and also group them by what space they live in.

      I have found in the table "jivedocument" which will give me the DocID (and therefore the URL), but I need to group these by what space the exist in.  Can anyone help?


      My research into the Jive documentation has led me to this page


      where i can see the definitions of the Database columns, and the column "containerID" looks like a good starting point, but this is where it gets a little vague as I cannot find any reference table for this container ID back to the space.


      Can anyone help please...?

      (I also need to do this for "discussions" in the spaces as well, but one step at a time).


      Two example spaces would be