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    Left-hand navigation lost on my site


      Hi there Jive Community,


      Following the cloud update, I wanted to congratulate the developers for their hard work as well as all the amazing people in this community that contribute to the platform's development.


      My issue is that the left-hand navigation (That included 'Your View', 'Notifications' and 'Connections Stream') is completely gone from the homepage of my site. I am referring to the function to create multiple connection streams and setting your default homepage.


      I am aware that there were plans to put at the top of the homepage, but this has not happened at my site. The tom navigation menu is still the exact same as before, and contains the following options:





      I think I need to mention that my branded site does not use the 'News' homepage that you have on the Jive community, but rather one homepage with certain widgets such as 'News' and 'Featured Content' and 'Discussions' (hope this makes sense).




      Your help on this matter would be invaluable.Thank you in advance, and keep up the great work!


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      My site's homepage is the sitename.jiveon.com/welcome page.

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      All the best,