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    REST API - /api/core/v3/places/#/contents does not return up to date content?


      I am testing on the Jive developer Sandbox, and I added a few new blog/dicussion posts to a private group that I created on there. And whilst looking at the group using a browser, I see my newly created content, I do not see my latest content using REST API. Eg, I do not see the content using /api/core/v3/places/#/contents API endpoint. The query does not fail, I get a 200 OK, but I only see content from about a month ago, which was the last time content was added to this group prior to me adding the new blog/discussion posts.


      I tried to use the search API once before writing this post, ran /api/core/v3/search/contents?filter=place(/places/#), but that gave the following error:


        "error": {
          "code": "filterMissing",
          "message": "You must specify a search filter with at least one keyword",
          "status": 400


      So, I am quickly running out of options on how to reliably query for the latest content within a group. Any help, suggestions?