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    How to enable new design for content?


      In the 2015.2 release there was a new feature option for a new design for docs and discussions. I'm seeing that design live now in the Preview site, but the option to enable seems to have disappeared from the admin console for my site. Can these still be enabled? If so, where? Has the issue with displaying Google Docs been fixed? (That's the only reason we had to toggle them back off.)

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          Hi Olivia,

          The ability to enable and disable the doc and discussion feature was removed from the UI, the change must be made by Jive Support. In regards to the google docs issue, was there a Bug ID made for the issue that I can check the status of for you? Or what did you see when the feature was enabled? This will allow me to further review the bugs resolved or if necessary, I can performs tests to see if its reproducible.