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    Registration Process Customization




      We want to customize the flow of the registration process.


      Can we add another form after the registration where we can suggest users/accounts & spaces that they can follow?


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          We already have the facility to use the Featured & Recommended Content/Places widget on the landing page. The new user coming through the 'Get started tutorial' will have an insight on how to navigate the site and will easily see the recommendations.


          Or if you can afford an enterprise version of surveysizmo, you can get an embedded code for the form to be included in a widget.

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            Hi JC,


            Unfortunately, the out of box registration flow cannot be directly modified through the admin console to add a second form.  This would require customization.  If you don't already have an engagement, I would recommend working with Jive Professional Services (PS) to help scope and advise on the feasibility of this.  Otherwise, if you're developing this yourself, I'd recommend posting directly to the Jive Developers space for visibility from the development community, as customization topics are outside the scope of Jive Customer Support.




            Jeph Yang

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                Hi Jeph.


                I have a follow-up question. We were looking to add a form in the registration process that asks new members to "Say Hello" to the community. The submitted form automatically creates a new thread within the category Member Introduction.


                Does this mean it's also not possible with the current flow?