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    Upgrading to Jive 8


      We are upgrading early next year from Jive 7 to Jive 8. Our Jive is hosted. Are there some customers who have already walked this road and are happy to share their success stories with us.





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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Peter, I just did it here for the Jive Community and can tell you it was the smoothest upgrade I've ever been through. So much of the work is done in advance of the upgrade, prepping for any changes you might need to be aware of such as:

          • Do you have customizations that need to be updated for version 8 in the form of plug-ins or apps?
          • Do you have a custom theme that needs to be updated for version 8 (since there are some changes to the way things appear)
          • Do you have a member base that needs some change management communications (you can get a nice clean list of "what's new in version 8) from either the Jive-n or Jive-x upgrade planning projects in the The specified item was not found. group.

          The upgrade team and related project manager will walk you step-by-step through what you need to consider and will be there for you during the upgrade itself. Then after the upgrade you'll have a bunch of new features that you will want to make use of and you'll need to communicate with your members about those (more change management) and determine a plan for moving forward. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'd be happy to help answer them.