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    Using Jive for Internal Referrals




      I was curious if anyone within the community had advice or examples of how Jive-n can be used to handle internal job postings and referrals. Ideally, it would be great to have a document as the job posting within the space, but then have people upload resumes and contact info as a response.


      However, would that mean that everyone can see the potential candidate's resumes?


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!



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          Libby Taylor

          Hey Jay, first off, thanks for your question.


          You might consider posting this in the Jive Internal Communities space as that is the hopping place for internal community manager discussions and you will get more people than me answering your question.


          That said, we do have a space similar to what you are thinking about here in the Jive Community. It's the Careers Using Jive space. In this case, people post the job descriptions then users need to click through to the actual HR system that the company uses to actually apply for the job.


          If your company is small, and you don't have such a system, then you could have people post their resume as a private Jive doc which is shared only with the hiring manager or HR rep. The thing is, there's always going to be someone who doesn't quite follow directions and their resume is posted publicly to your community or anyone who has visibility to the Jobs/hiring place.


          If you have access to a Jive developer, you could have them create a job application form within Jive and the results would be controlled. In that case, you could have people submitting applications using the form and the results be a private doc shared with a specific set of people. That's what this bunch of people are all about Jive Developers and Forms App.


          Lots of ideas. I hope this helps!