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    Is anyone using Sharepoint in conjunction with Jive?

    mholland999 Novice

      My company has a large SharePoint deployment, which in my opinion is to hard to navigate, but handles document management and permissions more seamlessly than Jive.  I have explored the Jive connector but the functionality is not of any value to our business case.  Anyone else have experience with SharePoint and Jive?  Please let me know or share with the community how you have use the two together instead of in competition with one another.

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          John.Cloyd@JCSConsulting.com Advanced

          Hi Michael,


          We have helped several clients develop a "coexistence" model between SharePoint and Jive.


          The key is getting the right tool for the right problem.


          Jive is easier to use, easier to setup and can be successfully used by more people (in our experience).


          SharePoint has better workflow management and more robust document management and release control.


          SharePoint is overkill for about 80% of what most people need but since it was the only tool it is what everybody uses/used (hey, we own it; just use that hammer on every nail ).


          We have configured the SharePoint Connector for several customers. What typically happens within a year is that over 80% of document management "work" abandons SharePoint and moves to Jive.


          What stays in SharePoint is the work that truly needs the more capable workflow/release control/granular security that SharePoint offers.

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            john_reynolds Guru

            Like John said, each company is different in how they have used SharePoint and how they plan to use Jive. It's also good to understand the short- and long-term goals if both systems will co-exist or if SharePoint plans to be phased out or its role with IT will change.


            For large SharePoint implementations we also stress that the use cases for the connector are very simple

            • View docs in SharePoint within Jive for preview, review, and collaboration
            • Use SharePoint as external storage for retention purposes
            • Add collaboration functionality within the SharePoint Group


            If you are using advanced workflows and custom metadata collection, the Jive connector cannot deliver on those technical requirements, but they may be available in the future or can be done with a custom integration.

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              sfield@athenahealth.com Novice

              Hi Michael,

              I'm a community manager and we use Jive for our Intranet and SharePoint for our documents. When we first launched we had difficulty of differentiating Jive and SharePoint (SP was our old Intranet site). Since, we have been successful on "marrying" the two. Here is our guidance that we suggest to our users:


              • discussions
              • blogs
              • sharing news, kudos, highlights and success stories to team/company
              • exchanging ideas


              • Document repository
              • capturing and sharing meeting notes
              • keeping shared excel sheet up-to-date
              • co-authoring a PowerPoint deck

              It doesn't capture full functionality of the two platforms but enough so our users aren't confused. I hope this helps!

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