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    Gamification actions for awarding content consumption behaviours (viewing)


      Curtis Gross: if I may reference a comment of yours in Jive Advanced Gamification Module: Action List


      Curtis Gross Employee Apr 29, 2013 8:32 AM (in response to Christina Keimig)


      I looked into adding view information into the gamification module but ran into a roadblock. If Jive sent every view that occurred in every Jive Gamification customer instance, we would be sending Billions of pieces of data in a short period of time.  So it becomes quite the bandwidth issue with that much data being generated.


      Still something I would like to see, but is not as easy as adding it.



      Where do we stand on this? Is bandwidth / data volume still such an issue? With the rise of technologies like MapReduce, I have to imagine that we now have technological solutions to these sorts of problems.