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    Does modifying the News stream Audience update Followers?


      When I create a News stream, and create an Audience filter for the stream, the Space that I am pulling content from, has its Follower count updated to equal the Audience count.


      If, however, I modify the News Audience to reduce the Audience, the Follower count on the Space doesn't appear to decrease.  Is there a lag or does narrowing the Audience truly not un-follow the reduced followers of a Space or Group?



        • Re: Does modifying the News stream Audience update Followers?

          Hi Matt,


          Testing against Jive Cloud 2015.3, I see that the place follower count goes up an equal amount to those you've specified in the News stream, if configured for specific individuals.  However, I'm also seeing that this resets once the stream configuration for these specific individuals is deleted, or the stream itself is deleted.  If you're seeing any other behavior or are on a different version than Jive Cloud 2015.3, I would encourage submitting a support case in your private Jive Community customer group for direct troubleshooting assistance.


          I hope this helps.




          Jeph Yang