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    What kind of organizational resources do you publish?

    Don Shell

      Hello everyone. We're looking at revamping our corporate communications place on our instance. Wondering if you have similar sites and what types of content resonate with your employees. CEO blogs, boilerplate, fact sheets, etc. Anything special stick out? Thanks in advance!

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          Dennis Pearce

          There is a list of screenshots of overview pages here you may be interested in: Internal Overview Page Customer Examples   Many of those involve HR & Corporate Communications themes.  There's also a project which has some discussion on this topic: Jive for HR and Corporate Communications


          Our internal community is managed as a partnership between HR, IT, and Corporate Communications (which actually reports to the VP of HR).  Ongoing community management (my role) operates out of IT, while our Corp Comms team "owns" the home page.  I had previously posted a screenshot of our home page when we were in a hosted environment: Lexmark Overview Page but our move to the cloud last February necessitated eliminating some of the custom widgets we had created.  Below is a screen shot of our current home page taken this morning:



          We have a lead story across the top and then links to recent stories below that.  Below the stories is "Executive Voice," where blog posts and videos appear from any execs who choose to participate.  Although these all appear to be blog posts, some of them are actually blog posts that are just containers for embedded videos.  We did this to help facilitate our news streams (we are switching our home page to the new News page sometime in the next few weeks).  Below Executive Voice is just a standard Popular Content widget.


          In the right column are our stock price, followed by links to a set of spaces:

          • Start Here goes to our space with resources for using Jive in our instance
          • Corporate Strategy is a space where employees can read and ask questions about our strategy, and includes a 10-minute video by our CEO explaining it.  Interestingly, although it was created over 2 years ago it still draws 200-300 employees per month to view the content.
          • Tech Speak was spun off from the Water Cooler as a water cooler specifically devoted to technology discussions, both about our own products and any technologies out in the world that our employees might find interesting.
          • Work Matters was also spun off from the Water Cooler.  It's a place of last resort where an employee who needs an answer to a question that is keeping them from getting their work done and doesn't know where to go can ask it.  We have people from HR, IT, Facilities, etc. monitoring that space to ensure questions are answered as quickly as possible.
          • Water Cooler is, well, the water cooler.  You can read more here: The Awesome Power of the Water Cooler
          • Innovate Tips is a blog where I post tips on using our Jive instance (which we call "Innovate").


          Below that we have some buttons to submit a service request, start a Webex, or start a Google Hangout.  We also have a couple of custom buttons in the top nav area after Apps for frequent links to other tools. We are a Google mail and drive user so Google provides a dropdown with links to mail, docs, sheets, drive, hangouts, etc.  I'd like to ... is a dropdown with links such as "change my password," "submit an expense report," "take a class," etc.


          As I mentioned above, we will be transitioning our home page to a News feed, so we have created Worldwide, Regional (country level) and Local (site level) news feeds.  We'll also be converting the Executive Voice display into a feed and taking advantage of the new Banner tile to move some of the links in the right column across the top instead.


          For more static content such as corporate policies and procedures, we have HR spaces for each region.  Here's a shot of the North America HR space:


          It is basically an embedded Google calendar surrounded by links to relevant content and other related places.

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              Don Shell

              Thanks very much, Dennis! Great stuff, and a great-looking site. Can you expand a bit on your corporate strategy space? Do you offer official corporate branding and resources there? And a very interesting idea embedding the Google calendar. Check it out, Josh Bundy.

              Thanks again!

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                  Dennis Pearce

                  Thanks Don -- Funny you should mention branding resources!  We have a whole different space for that.  A little background might help -- about 4 years ago Lexmark (which had been primarily a printer manufacturer) decided to expand into software and services for particular industries and began acquiring companies to help make that shift (over a dozen so far).  Although the CEO explained this transition strategy in all-employee meetings, he and Corp Comm decided that a space was needed to provide a more permanent place for this and also to allow for any questions.  It has continued to be useful over the last couple of years as we constantly add new employees through these acquisitions.  Here's a screenshot of that space.  That big graphic across the top is an image map where each item (goal, brand, etc.) is a separate link.  Below the graphic are the CEO video and a place to ask questions.  So while there is some information about brand here, it's mostly at a strategic level and just a small piece of the overall strategy.




                  When you click on one of the strategy components in the graphic you are taken to a doc or subspace with more information.  For example, clicking on "Value Proposition" will take you to this subspace:





                  As for branding resources, earlier this year the decision was made to completely refresh our brand -- changes to logo, colors, tag lines, even email address standardization (mine went from depearce@lexmark.com to dennis.pearce@ lexmark.com).  So everyone was affected, not just salespeople, because of all the changes to business cards, Powerpoint templates, etc.  We leveraged Jive internally to communicate all these changes to employees and provide a one-stop shop for rebranding resources:





                  One of our Corp Comm folks submitted an abstract for JiveWorld 2016 on Jive's role in our rebranding effort, so if it gets accepted he'll be providing more detail than I can go into here.

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                  Hi Dennis and Don,

                  Sorry for the timing on this.  Dennis - you mentioned a project called Jive for HR and Corporate Communications.  Just today we consolidated that project as a category under Internal Communities.  You can find all current content in the category here.  (And thank you Dennis for agreeing to let us consolidate these places in our ongoing effort to clean up and simplify the Jive Community experience!)

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                  Sorry for the rather late response. This thread was on my list for a proper, involved response, but I've just been super busy. I Hope this is still useful. So there's a lot that we end up sharing. It's probably safe to say that we share everything we possibly can within the organisation, inside our implementation of Jive, a.k.a myThoughtWorks. It'll help to know that we're a tech firm - a company of software developers predominantly and we do software delivery, consulting and we also have a suite of products to make software development teams work efficiently. The platform connects about 3500+ ThoughtWorkers distributed across 34 offices in 13 countries. We probably have among the most enviable participation ladders for a Jive implementation, with over 50% of our users creating content on a regular basis.


                  First things first, this is what the landing page looks like.


                  Let me start answering your question.


                  Key Calls to Action

                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.27.32 pm.png

                  The four calls to action on the homepage, lead people to the following actions:

                  1. Participate in any of our communities of practice, ranging from Software Development to Social Justice
                  2. Find brand resources, templates, proposal guidelines, case studies and the like
                  3. Browse Policies
                  4. Share views and opinions with leaders or in our Townhall community



                  1. All our global leaders (operations, execs and technology leaders) are part of a news stream we call Global News
                  2. Regional Leaders and office blogs are part of a news stream called News from your region
                  3. We plan to curate news streams for the different roles in our company. This is a slightly more involved task and we hope to make some headway in November.


                  This apart, just about anyone can blog internally and huge number of ThoughtWorkers do blog.



                  If there's a policy that exists, it's on the platform. There's a bunch of groups based on the users context. Here's an example of an HR policy group.

                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.26.22 pm.png

                  Branding Resources

                  All brand resources are available from a group called Brand Hub which our marketing team owns. As new brand assets become available, they end up publicising them from here.

                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.33.43 pm.png

                  Client Stories, Case Studies, Sales Materials

                  We've made quite a lot of effort to create showcases for these materials as well. Here are some indicative screenshots.

                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.37.29 pm.png

                  Help for the platform itself

                  Tips and tricks, announcements about how the platform's evolving each month - all these go into a group call "Know myThoughtWorks".

                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.45.39 pm.png

                  Challenging, Questioning, Talking to the Leadership

                  ThoughtWorks wouldn't be ThoughtWorks if we weren't openly communicating with people in Leadership roles. There's a global Townhall and a "Talk to the GCG" group for this purpose. GCG stands for Global Coordination Group which is the group of 10 leaders at the highest level in the company. If there is such a thing called "highest level" in ThoughtWorks. :-)


                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.35.27 pm.png

                  Showcases for Initiatives

                  From time to time, there are various initiatives in the company which need showcasing on myThoughtWorks and they either put things up themselves or our team helps them out. The first screenshot below is for our annual company retreat event group. The second was a ground up initiative where a bunch of ThoughtWorkers decided to interview some other ThoughtWorkers, so we could learn about each other a wee bit more.


                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.59.05 pm.png

                  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.59.57 pm.png


                  This apart, pretty much every team has their corresponding group on the platform. There's over 2500 groups on the platform and we let it be that way. So you could could every piece of content that people create to be an organisational resource in a sense and it eventually becomes a part of our overall knowledge base. If you have more questions or specific examples you'd like to see, let me know!