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    How do I suppress BOX collaborator email updates?


      We currently have Box enabled with Jive as our content management.

      As a result all members of Jive regardless of space are being bombarded with Collaborator update emails. This can be dozens to hundreds of updates.

      I've disabled notifications in the Box profiles but this doesn't resolve the issue.

      Per Box, this is an issue with the Jive API.

      Can you please help, thanks.


      Kade Swanson-Theisen lbeckert@marketo.com

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          Hi Vic, I wanted to be sure you were aware your question was posted in the public Jive support space. While a member of our support team will review and provide feedback here, I would recommend you file a support case within Marketo's private support group (linked to in my earlier email). If you don't have access Lou can make you a member.


          I suspect support will need to review details specific to Marketo's instance configuration and that discussion is more appropriate for a non-public area.

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            Hi Vic,


            I'm sorry to hear about the unwanted collaborator emails from Box.  As noted in Box+Jive Integration: Too Many Box Emails? this is not immediately a configuration Jive can change.  If you have more specific details from Box around why they feel this is tied to Jive API, please submit a support case as Kade has instructed and feel free to share any communications there.


            Please also ensure that email communication preferences have been adjusted as outlined here


                 How Do I Manage Email Notifications From Box? - Box


            In particular:


            Administrators and Folder Owners can choose to disable email notifications for their managed users and collaborators.


            Let me know if you had any other questions on this.



            Jeph Yang

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              Hi Vic,


              Just to recap on this for you and others with the same question in the Jive Community, we've determined with some research that this is adjustable for Hosted customers on Jive 8.0.1+ using a new system property:


              • externalStorage.box.shouldSendCollaborationEmailNotifications = false


              For Jive Cloud customers, a support case may be required, but Jive Customer Support will be happy to assist with reviewing this change for you.


              I hope this helps.  Let me know if you had any other questions.



              Jeph Yang

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