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    Moderation Queue Location?


      Apologies for the newbie question, but how does one access the moderation queue in Jive-n?


      I've set up a test space to moderate and see docs that need approval from the system console and within jive, but cannot find the actual queue.


      Any help would be awesome- thank you!

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          I am not sure if i understood your query right but i assume that you are looking as to how to approve a document published in the community. This requires you to login as the moderator and to check your actions  to find the documents in queue for approval.


          If you have enabled a space level approver , then login as the space level approver to get the document approved or rejected

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              Mckenzie John had some great tips.  What instance of Jive are you running?  My company just upgraded from Jive 6 to Jive 8 and the place to look for moderation has changed slightly.  In Jive 6, I went to the moderation queue, which was separate from my inbox and actions.  In Jive 8, the actions and moderation have been consolidated into your inbox, and it would appear has a message saying, "Notifications".  Hope our responses help, let us know if you still have questions.  Thank you.

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              Jay Legaspi great tips from John and Arleen above. If you let us know what version we could look up the specific location for you.

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                  Toby Metcalf

                  Good day Claire,

                  I know this is a old thread, but I have a similar question.

                  I am running Jive 7 and just noticed that I am not getting moderation notifications in my inbox.  All was working fine last week; I noticed it this morning and normally get about 2 or so an hour.

                  Any suggestions?

                  Thank you,


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                  For what it's worth we've been having a lot of problems with the Outlook Plug-in for Jive, and have also narrowed it down to our use of Sophos. We've yet to get this resolved though.

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                    We are on-prem 8.0.5 so this may be different from Jive-n, but the Moderation queue / dashboard only appears when there is content awaiting moderation. I have not been able to find any sort of persistent moderation area that contains content that has already been moderated (either accepted or rejected).