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    All Registered Users Can Post on Private Groups


      I had a member of my management team create a Private Group meant for a specific list of site users. However, after the group went live, and before anyone asked for permission to join the group, people started liking and commenting on posts in her Private Group, as though it was an Open Group.


      Is there some way to inspect and edit the permission levels of Group Types in order to make sure that Private Groups are searchable but blank until membership has been approved?

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          Hi Ben,


          From your description there might be a permission override set for your all registered users group allowing them to access and post to private groups in your instance. This can be checked through your admin console >> permissions >> social group permissions

          Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.38.17 AM.png


          For more information on permissions you might also find the Managing Permissions section of the Jive Documentation helpful. If this does not resolve the behavior I would recommend opening up a case in your customer group as a next step so that a support engineer can review through the specific configuration of your instance.