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    Ability to supress downloads of PDF.


      I have a request to suppress the ability to download PDFs within a document.  In other words, provide the ability to view an attachment, but not download it.  I know...a bit of a strange request.


      Anybody have an idea?


      Thanks, Miles

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          Likely not the answer you are looking for, but when we were asked about this, we responded that the platform didn't support that capability. We asked why the person had that requirement, and they stated that it was because they didn't want the information to leak out. We reminded the person that the biggest source of leaks is actually individuals talking to people outside the company; and that even if we could keep people from saving a copy of a PDF, they can always screenshot it or take a photo with a cell phone camera. With technology where it is, there isn't any way to stop people from saving and sharing information.


          In the end for the situation that came up for us, the decision was made to not post or email the information out, but rather to present it in a live Town Hall where the ability to capture the data was more limited.

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            Hey Miles,


            There is also all kinds of access magic you can do on the PDF file itself such as making it password protected, read-only, comment-only, or fully editable. You'll need software to create/manage the PDF such as Acrobat. Do a web search on "read only PDF" and you'll see lots of examples and tools.



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