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    Notification if you move content


      I received the following question and I am not sure if this is standard Jive 7 behavior?


      We had the following happen - can you confirm that this is normal behavior?


      1. User 1 created a document, on which I had Edit rights but not Delete rights (as I was not the owner)
      2. I made some changes to that document,
        User 1 received a notification in her inbox of my changes
      3. But then, I Moved the document to another location, and once it was in that location, I became the owner of the document and I did have the Delete option.
        User 1 did not receive a notification of this Move
      4. I proceeded with deleting the document
        User 1 did not receive a notification of this Deletion
        Worse, the original notification she received in step 2, of my Changes to the document, was automatically removed from her Inbox


      So, the end result is, that User 1 document was changed, moved and deleted, and she did not have a trace of any of this in her Inbox even though she was the original owner of the document.