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    Google search algorithm in Jive search


      Hi Jivers,


      We have got below requirement. Is that something supported in Jive or someone already explored?


      Instead of using Jive search indexing algorithm we need to have an option to use Google Search indexing algorithm (May be a paid service) within Jive. With this the users will have a search experience similar to Google search. The Google indexing component can be staying inside Jive application and create its own indexing.


      The search results can be combined with Jive search results or it can be a separate results in new tab.


      Note: We are aware of "Jive Connector" Add-on which can integrate with Google Search Appliance. But we are looking for an alternate search algorithm within Jive. Jive search will be
      the primary search but users should have an option to choose google search in detailed search tab.



      Pradeep GM