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    Issues with video uploads


      Is anyone else having issues with video uploads? Support has identified there is an issue with flash that is causing videos to not upload, but they need to re-engineer the entire video service to address the issue.


      This should be escalated and dealt with asap.

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          We're seeing it in Firefox only.


          Cc: Shawn Hughes

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            Hi Tyler,


            I am the PM that owns the Video capabilities. While I am not familiar with your specific issue and I hope it is being address via your support channels, I do want to address the general statement linking flash and upload issues.


            Our Jive roadmap in general, and for video in particular is actively looking at removing Flash from as many touch points as possible. While I can't commit to future releases, as unexpected problems or priorities may change the final results, I do what to communicate to you and the rest of the video customers that we are actively working on removing flash as a dependency for the video upload and video object creation workflow in general.


            I hope that the problems can be resolved today via our support channels, but I did want you to know that we did allocate the resources and I hope we will be able to deliver a Flash-less video upload experience in our next release.



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